WorldView-2 elevation data verified by PhotoSat

WorldView-2 elevation data verified by PhotoSat


Colorado, US: DigitalGlobe announced that the elevation data gathered from its latest high-resolution satellite, WorldView-2, has been verified as accurate within 30 centimetres by PhotoSat based on data collected by MWH Geo-Surveys, a geophysical service group.

To conduct the test, PhotoSat constructed an elevation grid using automatic geophysical processing of 50-centimeter ground resolution stereo satellite images taken by DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 satellite. The resulting elevations were then referenced against more than 20,000 gravity survey stations which had previously been established as being accurate to better than two centimetres.

Walter Scott, Founder and CTO of DigitalGlobe, said, “As one of the most technologically advanced high-resolution commercial satellites in orbit, WorldView-2 continues to hit all of our planned milestones, and we are thrilled with the assessments made by PhotoSat. For our customers, the quality of the image is only half the story. Equally important is the data the image represents. Having WorldView-2’s elevation data verified as accurate to this degree enables our customers to make decisions more confidently than ever before.”

Source: DigitalGlobe