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World’s only floating lake under threat

Imphal, India

Known as the only floating lake in the world, Loktak Lake in Indian state of Manipur is facing a threat due to decaying vegetable matter, locally known as phumdi, floating on the water in large amount.

Satellite images used in a study by Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have found that the unique fresh water lake faced a threat to its existence due to infestation of the floating vegetable waste. The assessment was made on the basis of remote sensing data of ISRO’s ResourceSAT satellite acquired during pre-monsoon and another during post-monsoon period.

“Wetlands are among the most productive eco-systems besides being a rich repository of biodiversity, and are known to play a significant role in carbon sequestration,” the study said. Wetlands, being dynamic and influenced by both natural and man-made activities, need frequent monitoring. Regular upgradation of the status of the wetlands is all the more significant in view of accelerating pressure on the very existence of these resources due to developmental activities and population pressure being witnessed currently, it warned. The study also called for an accurate database that will support research and decision making.

Source: City Journal