Home News Belaz begins testing of 5G network on its autonomous trucks

Belaz begins testing of 5G network on its autonomous trucks

Belarus: Belaz, a Belarus based unmanned trucks company has installed 5G for its trucks and have started its testing in Zhodino. Infrastructure operator beCloud has created a testing area in a partnership with VIST Group. The unmanned trucks use 5G along with LTE-Advanced Pro network. The system has been installed at Belaz plants that makes world’s largest trucks.

The 5G technology was also installed on two other trucks – a pit truck and a loader. For self-driving vehicles, the system is capablke of scanning and analysing the geographical surroundings and it should be capable of sending the information in a short time. Experts at becloud have managed to reduce the response time to 10-11 ms (milliseconds) which is much less in comparison with 4G systems but could be more for future 5G systems.

becloud professionals are fine-tuning the equipment to get best possible results. The whole idea is to create a technological platform that operate successfully on an industrial scale. This project involved self-driving robotic trucks, cargo transport and high-accurate satellite systems. This new set of digital technologies are based on robotic loading and transport solutions along with industrial fields like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence.