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World’s first private eye for satellite imagery launched

Screenshot of the website of Air & Space Evidence UK, October 9, 2014: Satellite imaging specialist Raymond Harris and space lawyer Raymond Purdy have recently launched Air & Space Evidence, the world's first space detective agency.

“Over the last three years we have received a number of calls each month at University College London from law firms (both in the UK, US and further afield) and regulatory bodies asking how they might get imagery, which could potentially be used in evidence in legal disputes. They had no idea where earth observation imagery could be sourced from or the evidential implications of using it,” said Purdy.

Spotting a gap in the market, Air & Space Evidence was established to bridge the link between the imagery from these technologies and those working in a legal context; and provides assistance in sourcing and using earth observation imagery as evidence.

“Everyone can use space imagery to settle legal disputes, from homeowners disputing garden boundaries to businesses fighting vehicle theft. Insurers might find it useful in investigating fraud and councils in tackling environmental assaults such as waste incineration or illegal logging and quarrying. And it won't cost much more than having your house surveyed,” Harris said.

However, broadly the company’s target market would encompass legal practitioners, insurance investigators, police forces, governmental and statutory enforcement agencies, private investigators, non-governmental organisations, companies, investigative journalists, and international agencies.

Speaking to the media, Purdy said, trials have been collapsing because courts cannot be convinced of the authenticity of image data. “For instance, people cannot be sure a given satellite was working on the day in question, or that the area of land imaged is actually the land at issue,” he explained

Although, the company did not clearly mention the names of satellite imagery suppliers from whom it would procure the imagery, experts believe Planet Labs, Skybox Imaging, DigitalGlobe, and few aerial imagery providers would be the likely candidates.

Source: Geurilla Media Network