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World population mapping helps combat poverty and poor health

US: A team of researchers led by the University of Southampton has launched an online project to map detailed population information from countries around the world. The WorldPop website aims to provide open access to global demographic data which can be used to help tackle challenges such as, poverty, public health, sustainable urban development and food security.

“Our maps and data are helping charities, policy-makers, governments and researchers to make decisions which affect the quality of people’s lives. These could be as diverse as predicting the spread of infectious diseases, planning the development of transport systems or distributing vital aid to disaster zones,” said Dr Andy Tatem, Geographer at Southampton. The website currently provides freely-available data for Central and South America, Africa and Asia – providing maps of population numbers and age distributions, births, pregnancies, urban growth and rates of poverty. Each country has its own summary page and the user can choose from a range of high resolution maps of their particular area of interest to download.

Source: Yottafire