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World moving from technology isolation to technology convergence: Ola Rollen

US: Great stories have definitely started here at Las Vegas with the Hexagon Live 2014 kick-starting in this scintillating city on June 3. Opening the annual user conference, Ola Rollen, President and CEO of Hexagon AB stressed that people are behind disruptive changes happening on the planet and it is only possible to transform the planet for better through actionable geospatial information.

HxGN Live 2014 kickstarted at Las Vegas on June 3

Listing the transformative forces already in play in the world, Ola said that the world has moved from being reactive to predictive and preventive; from technology isolation to technology convergence; from ownership of data to access of data through Cloud services, and from geospatial products to geospatial workflow solutions.

Olla Rollen speaking at HxGN Live 2014

Stressing that simplicity holds the power of transformation, Mladen Stojic, President Hexagon Geospatial described the software portfolio of the company supporting his argument with the successful implementation by Dotka Data of Netherlands in digitising 200 years of Dutch history.

Steven Cost, President, Intergraph SG&I laid emphasis on the fact that timely and accurate information is key to smarter decisions and that Hexagon has all the smart tools required for smarter decisions.

Picking up the concept of ‘Dirt, Diamonds and Data’, Juergen Dold, President, Hexagon Geosystems discussed Hexagon’s abilities in facilitating smart construction, effective mining for resources and the importance of data and information as a service.

Underscoring that the true advantage of technology lies in connecting with different technologies, integrating data and operations to create one single reality, Claudio Simao, President Hexagon Solutions informed that Hexagon advantage is that it can bring sensors and software together to capture and replicate the real world and facilitate integrated information management.

Source: Our Correspondent