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World dredging leader Boskalis selects Aquarius2 from Thales Navigation

Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions including its Magellan consumer and Ashtech professional product lines, and Royal Boskalis Westminster nv, the world leader in dredging services, announced that Boskalis has selected the Aquarius2(TM) to meet its marine positioning and navigation needs.

Thales Navigation introduced the Aquarius2 in March 2002 as part of a significantly expanded portfolio of marine positioning and navigation solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of marine survey. The launch of the Sagitta(TM), Aquarius(TM), 3011(TM), ADU3(TM), and Aquarius2 marked the first time that precise attitude and positioning could be achieved simultaneously.

The Aquarius2 adds a second set of GPS & GNSS channels, which allows users to reach a dual-frequency heading accuracy of 0.01(degree). This is key to accurate dredging. The ultra-high-speed processing of the Aquarius2 is made possible by the Thales Navigation exclusive Gyrosky® technology. This enables companies like Boskalis to access key positioning data as it is gathered, significantly decreasing the time required to perform positioning tasks and get to the dredging project at hand.

The Aquarius and Aquarius2 both offer Real-Time Kinematic solutions for single and dual-frequency GPS technologies, including KART and LRK(TM) for centimeter accuracy up to 40 km. Two main features make these solutions the new benchmark in the marine survey industry. First, up to two internal radio links can be fitted into the Aquarius or Aquarius2 receiver, ensuring high performance and reliability of differential corrections on different frequency bands. Second, the receivers are easier to use than competing products and their interfacing capabilities have been significantly expanded as a result of the screen terminal and keypad integration and the availability of five data I/O communication ports – all offered as standard features.