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World Bank selects Gisat for PUMA initiative

France: Following the success of the Gisat‘s service case within the frame of the joint ESA-World Bank EOWORLD initiative, Gisat, the Czech leader in remote sensing, has been selected by the World Bank in a two-stage competitive call as the consultant providing services for web-based geospatial software platform PUMA – the Platform for Urban Management and Analysis.

PUMA is being developed to enable the World Bank staff in East Asia working at the metropolitan and city scale to derive a standard preliminary analysis that better informs the priorities and facilitates cross-sector coordination of their investment and advisory activities. The platform and its outputs will help the World Bank and its clients develop a shared understanding of the long-term spatial, economic and environmental implications of land use, spatial development and infrastructure investment choices. This assignment is part of the World Bank’s larger ‘East Asia and Pacific Regional Urban Flagship’ that will support economically efficient, socially inclusive, and environmentally sustainable urbanisation in East Asian countries.

PUMA will be used to produce standard city profiles that will draw on various layers of data and functions, and at the same time enable user-driven customised analysis. Gisat‘s services include both production of multi-temporal land cover/land-use layers for selected metropolitan areas based on earth observation data and development of the software framework for the platform implementation using Open Source software solutions.

Source: EOmag