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Workshop on GNSS fundamentals held in Colombia

Colombia – The Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Capital District (in Spanish IDECA), began implementing the Knowledge Management Plan scheduled for 2013, with the Conference “New Technologies for Measuring and Analyzing the Earth: GNSS Fundamentals.” This training event was led by the National Geological Survey, with the active participation of district entities, as well as the Government of Cundinamarca, municipal governments and public utilities organisations.

Participants received guidance on the GNSS Space Geodetic Network for Bogotá DC, which essentially seeks to: acquire highly accurate coordinates, provide highly accurate data for the study of the Sabana de Bogotá subsidence, provide highly accurate data for the study of tectonic deformation of the Sabana de Bogota, and venture into complementary techniques such as Image Geodesy and Geodetic Leveling.

In addition, the participants had a chance to know case studies that demonstrate the many applications of GNSS technology in matters of interest as in air navigation, precision agriculture, studies of subsidence, sea level changes, movements tectonic plates, volcano monitoring, water level changes in wetlands and glacial flow ionospheric analysis. Academic activities during a workshop on time series were designed as a learning reinforcement strategy.

Source: IDECA