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Workshop on formation of GIS based master plan using BHUVAN-NUIS held

India: Special Secretary Housing Mohammad Akbar Ganai recently held a day-long state-level workshop on Master Plan titled “Formation of GIS based Master Plan using BHUVAN-NUIS in Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir).

The workshop was organised by Town Planning Organisation, Kashmir in collaboration with Town and Country Planning Organisation, Union Ministry of Urban Development and National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad.

The Special Secretary stressed the need for adopting the NUIS tools and methods in an effective way while preparing the Master plan for the cities and towns of the state. He also called for proper implementation of Master Plan on ground, saying that plan on paper is not sufficient.

He said that the strategy for preparation of plan for the cities and towns should be envisioned for the long-run.

Referring to National Urban Information System (NUIS), the Special Secretary said that it is a Thematic Geospatial database scale prepared from high resolution satellite data for towns and cities, as basic spatial input for Master plan preparation. He called for effective utilisation of these database elements to provide the access of the NUIS towns’ geospatial databases to the Urban Local Bodies through Bhuvan Geoportal, developed by NRSC/ ISRO.

Director, Local Bodies, Hilal Parray also spoke on the occasion, saying that NUIS is a new domain dealing with the problems erupted due to rapid urbanisation.

NUIS a web based geospatial framework and software tools designed and developed on BHUVAN platform for effective online use of remote sensing satellite data, GIS map layers and its analysis framework for the preparation of Master Plans. The secretary also informed the delegates that out of the 6793 towns of the country only 1233 have been approved under Master Plan while as for 653 cities and towns are under process for approval. He added that 25% towns of the state have Master Plan. Adding that an amount of Rs. 39.80 lakh have been earmarked for preparation of Master Plan of 24 towns of the state for which J&K Town Planning Organisation, a State Nodal Agency is working for.

Source: Rising Kashmir