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Work in progress for updating India’s topographical data

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, India, 10 January 2007 – As part of the initiatives of the survey department of the Government of India to update the topographical data of the country by installing 300 Global Positioning Systems, teams of cartography experts have camped at 300 points in 30 States.

In Tamil Nadu, as many as 16 points were selected, including Dharmapuri. A team of cartography experts has installed a global positioning system (GPS) in Dharmapuri to receive updated data on topographical conditions from satellites.

The topography details would be collected for 72 hours and in Dharmapuri, the data downloading work started on January 9 and would be completed by January 12, S Sampath Kumar, the survey officer, said. He added that for mapping purposes, the survey department had been conducting various data updating works.

He further said that the latitudinal and longitudinal positions and the MSL height level of the 300 selected points in the country were marked to update the data, being collected by the sophisticated receivers with the support of antennae. Based on the updated topography, the construction of new dams, etc, would be undertaken, Kumar said.