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Woolpert’s Butcher Relocates to Charlotte

Ronald R. Butcher, Jr. recently relocated to Woolpert LLP’s Charlotte office to manage the Mid-Atlantic geographic information system (GIS) group based in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. As part of Woolpert’s GIS/IT team, the Mid-Atlantic group provides comprehensive services to water, sewer, and stormwater utilities; local governments; airports; universities; and government installments. The Mid-Atlantic group focuses on strategic GIS planning and integration; GPS and GIS data collection and integration; data conversion and maintenance; geodatabase and object-oriented design; GIS application design, development,
and deployment; web-based GIS data hosting; and onsite staff augmentation. Butcher, a Woolpert associate and group manager, previously served at Woolpert’s central office in Dayton, Ohio. His expertise includes computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) and its integration to a GIS environment. He specializes in applying new technology and development
systems to design and implement innovative solutions.