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Woolpert LLP selected for Saint Clair County GIS Project

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Detroit District has selected Woolpert LLP to update Saint Clair County’s Geographic Information System (GIS). This project is being conducted under the Corps’ Planning Assistance to States program.

Woolpert will be building a new parcel GIS layer for Saint Clair County’s Land and Graphics Department. The GIS will replace the county’s existing parcel identification system, eliminating the need for users to select parcel identification numbers from AutoCAD parcel maps and then look up the parcel details in the tax roll. The new parcel layer will enable county officials to display information directly from the tax roll through an interactive map interface. These updates will help Saint Clair County to prepare and update a comprehensive plan for the development, use and conservation of the county’s water and related land resources.

Woolpert is matching the county’s tax roll parcel descriptions to the existing AutoCAD maps. The AutoCAD maps will then be converted to an ArcInfo parcel coverage.