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Woolpert helps Loudoun County develop Storm Water Plan

Loudoun County, Va., recently selected Woolpert LLP to conduct a global positioning system (GPS) survey of the eastern section of the county’s storm water infrastructure.

Federal and state regulations, including the National Pollutant Discharge
Elimination System (NPDES), direct Loudoun County to establish a storm water
management plan requiring the control and treatment of storm water runoff.
This project focuses on the eastern portion of Loudoun County, including the
Route 7 corridor through Cascades and the Route 28 corridor near Dulles
Airport. This 81-square mile urbanized area is home to approximately 107,000
citizens, most living in single-family houses and townhouses.

This GPS field survey is the first step towards constructing a plan that
will prevent flooding and contamination of local waterways and will provide
Loudoun County with the data to create condition assessment reports for
maintenance. Woolpert will use GPS equipment to locate and record the size
and condition of approximately 25,800 storm water structures like manholes,
curb inlets and wet/dry ponds. Upon completion of the survey, the GPS data
will be compiled in a geographic information system (GIS) for future use.