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Woodford County to invest in high-tech mapping project

A GIS map will include several layers of computerized information on a new countywide map. The map will help county officials examine such features as property lines, easements, roads and bridges, flood plains and soil types. The county board approved the plan on Tuesday. The GIS map will be developed by Sidwell Co., a group that has been creating Peoria County’s map for the past year. Eric Miller of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission said the map’s creation is being spurred by several factors, the greatest of which is the state’s requirement that the supervisor of assessments re-evaluate farm property. That mandate, along with a $100,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation, prompted the county to consider developing a GIS map.

Last year, the board approved a $13 increase in the deed recording fee to collect money for the GIS project. It also began joint negotiations with Tazewell County to hire Sidwell for the required work. If Tazewell County approves Sidwell at its Feb. 25 meeting, Woodford will save 5 percent of the total project cost — about $17,000. The completed project, developed from aerial photographs, will be a map with 6-inch pixel resolution, overlaid with several layers of property information for all 21,400 parcels within the county.

The GIS map will be completed in three years, but the county’s payments for the service will be spread out over four years.