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Wireless Facilities of USA awarded $29.6 million contract

Wireless Facilities, Inc. recently announced that its Government Network Services division has been awarded a contract by the Department of Defence Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) for the continued development and deployment of a Tactical Survey solution which is designed to help first responders in emergency situations.

The TSWG is the U.S. national agency that identifies, prioritizes, and coordinates interagency and national research and development requirements for combating terrorism.

Under the terms of this two-year contract, WFI and the Tactical Survey Group, will build sophisticated facility databases that include fully spherical imagery embedded with tactical intelligence and polar navigational aids. This information will then be used with ground and aerial interactive mapping, and ingress and egress video, to build a complete database of site and location specific data which can then be accessed real time via wired or wireless network links by first responders for crisis event operations. As part of it’s offering, WFI’s wireless solution set can deliver real time sensor information and audio and video feeds from deployed systems that have been integrated into the Tactical Survey(TM) system. As each survey database is completed, WFI will conduct training for the government customer and all associated agencies that might respond to the surveyed site in the event of a crisis or emergency.