Home Business Awards Winners of Winter 2014 Google Research Awards announced

Winners of Winter 2014 Google Research Awards announced

US: Google has announced the recipients of the Winter 2014 Google Research Awards, which serve to support cutting-edge research in Computer Science and related fields at top universities worldwide. This round received 691 proposals, an increase of 19% over last round, covering 46 countries on 6 continents. After expert reviews and committee discussions, 115 projects were picked to be funded. The subject areas that received the highest level of support were human-computer interaction, systems, and machine learning, with 25% of the funding awarded to universities outside the US.

The winners under the Geo/maps category are Pieter Peers from College of William & Mary, Louis­Martin Rousseau and Claude­Guy Quimper from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Bernhard Jenny from Oregon State University, Ruisheng Wang from University of Calgary and Ravi Ramamoorthi from University of California ­ Berkeley. The Google Research Awards programme aims to identify and support world-class, full-time faculty pursuing research in areas of mutual interest.

Source: Googleresearch