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WINfirst expands SPATIALinfo Network Inventory Management System

SPATIALinfo, a supplier of network information solutions, has announced that Denver-based WINfirst had requested it to quickly expand the recent implementation of its core SPATIALnet(tm) network database system, with the inclusion of its integrated engineering and web access client applications, to underpin the rollout and management of WINfirst’s innovative fiber-to-the-home network. The SPATIALnet engineering client will allow WINfirst to interface its design and engineering workstations directly to a new Oracle(r)-based Network Inventory Management database, and to enter rules-based design and rollout details of new service areas directly into the database over a high speed WAN connection, using AutoCAD 2000i Map(r) as the graphics editing client. WINfirst will be able to update and maintain network records on an ongoing basis directly in the Oracle database. This more efficient approach will replace the present method of performing engineering and design in AutoCAD 2000i(r), and importing the resulting drawings into the Network Inventory Management system when as-built records are complete. The SPATIALinfo application will deliver design assistance, in-built records entry quality control, radically improved workflow management and reporting, and a consistent automated productivity toolset usable by all of WINfirst’s current and future design personnel and contractors. To maximize ease of use, the SPATIALweb client will deliver customized access for specific departments including multiple map views, forms-based views allowing non-graphical read and write access, configurable template reports, and traditional GIS analysis including thematic mapping, all packaged from a common set of components.