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Willy Govender: GIS is an enabler for smart cities

Greater Noida: At the session on Geosmart Infrastructure & Smart Cities at GeoSmart India 2016, Willy Govender, CEO, Data World, talked about good governance for smart cities. “I have observed that maintenance of assets is a big issue in India. The problems mainly seem to be financial in the nature, with technology underpinning it, of course. But, typically, in cities today, you get water provided by a separate entity, power by another, refuse collection by yet another. So, the government’s main focus now has become the administration and integrating these various service deliveries,” he said.

He stressed that Geographic Information System (GIS) is the foundation of making technology work. The rest of the components are only about the facilitation of those technologies in municipalities. “GIS in a smart city would be an enabler. It would allow you to do a whole lot of analytics and visualization,” Govender insisted.

Integrated ICT and e-governance have the ability to provide an impact across all sectors of urban governance, thereby creating a significant efficiency and service delivery effectiveness within government. Govender also pointed out that out of the 17 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) spelled out by the United Nations, 15 are directly related to cities.

Govender then detailed the project Data World is doing for North Delhi Municipal Corporation to improve property taxation. Because of the lack of a proper addressing system, Data World used TomTom’s map coding system, and using the georeferenced code provided by that system, they developed a unique ID card for every property. The card contains all the information related to that property.

Source: Our correspondent