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Willbros to provide easy access to pipeline data

Houston, USA: Willbros Group, a global engineering and contractor company, collaborated with GeoEye, a commercial satellite imagery company, to develop a cloud-based pipeline integrity management solution. This cloud-based solution will provide customers easy access to real-time pipeline information integrated with GeoEye’s high-resolution, map-accurate commercial satellite imagery served from the Google Earth Builder platform.

This innovative solution addresses the pipeline industry’s need for timely and cost-effective access to accurate integrity management data to help them maintain and update aging pipeline infrastructure and comply with federal regulations and safety requirements. Built on the intuitive cloud-based Google Earth Builder platform, this solution will augment customers’ existing GIS platforms with a single, reliable source for accessing vital pipeline integrity information for about half the cost of traditional disparate methods, helping operators better manage risk, lower operating costs and improve pipeline performance.

“This solution will become the new standard in pipeline lifecycle integrity management,” said Ed Wiegele, Willbros President of Engineering and Integrity. “Real-time access to intelligence stored in the cloud will radically change the way pipeline owners and operators conduct business, respond to issues and maintain regulatory compliance. This platform solves many of the issues the pipeline industry has faced over the last decade by connecting people with the tools they need to access, correct and maintain information about a pipeline’s complete lifecycle.”

There are more than 2.5 million miles of pipelines in the US and about 3,000 pipeline operators according to the US Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). This represents a large potential market that can benefit from this new integrated management solution.

Wiegele said this solution provides a total system for users to both access real-time pipeline data and enable efficient field data collection. Personnel in the field will be able to connect to and update data from laptops, tablets, smart phones and other portable devices.

 “We are extremely pleased that Willbros selected GeoEye’s EyeQ Earth imagery services built on Google Earth Builder for this solution,” stated Dean Edmundson, Vice President of Business Development for GeoEye. “Timely access to current, high-resolution pipeline imagery plays a critical role in delivering the clear and timely insight required for effective management across the pipeline integrity lifecycle.”

 Source: Willbros