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WhiteStar introduces Unlimited Base Map product

Colorado, USA, 21 May 2007: WhiteStar Corporation on May 21st introduced Unlimited Base Map Access (UBA), a nationwide digital mosaic of base map information layers from U.S. Census Bureau TIGER Files.

UBA is a digital base map which can be utilized as base map for most of applications, and it contains 42 layers of cultural features that can be used as a base map for user’s area of interest and can be downloaded into digital mapping packages.

“UBA saves a tremendous amount of time in a 100,000-scale base mapping project,” said Robert White, President of WhiteStar. “For many GIS users, UBA will eliminate the need for large processing capabilities.”

With traditional TIGER files, White explained, “An end user who wanted to create a base map for a project spread across eight counties would have to process files for all of those counties to extract the desired data. WhiteStar developed UBA, however, with a powerful interface that lets the user select layers with a few mouse clicks and then delineate the area of interest by choosing a specific county, outlining the project area onscreen or entering its latitude/longitude corner points.”

UBA users can then export the data into a variety of mapping formats, including ESRI, MapInfo, GeoGraphix, Petra, AutoCAD and Golden software. In addition, the data can be projected in either NAD27 or NAD83 coordinate systems, including all related state planes and UTM zones.

“UBA can even process multiple counties in parallel to a single output file,” said White. “A user can process base map files to show all city boundaries nationwide, for example, in about 10 minutes – which would otherwise require processing tens of thousands of individual TIGER files.”

WhiteStar Corporation is a provider of digital cartographic data products, services and consulting for industries such as oil and gas, pipeline, natural resource, and engineering. To know more about WhiteStar visit www.whitestar.com