WhiteStar introduces SpotOn at GITA Oil and Gas show

WhiteStar introduces SpotOn at GITA Oil and Gas show


Lakewood, USA, September 20, 2007: WhiteStar Corp. introduced SpotOn, a web delivered service which enables users to reach out over the internet to convert a well’s public land survey legal description into a precise geographic coordinate.

To obtain an accurate well location, the user enters the well’s “footage call,” “quarter call” or a combination of both. Subscribers will be able to upload and download comma separated files for batch processing. Using the national Public Land Survey database hosted on the WhiteStar server, SpotOn then reads the description and returns the longitude/latitude coordinate representing the well’s location in terms of either the NAD27 or NAD83 datum.

Developers will have access to a programming-language independent software API that can easily add SpotOn functionality to new or existing software applications.

“SpotOn determines well locations in real time, adding flexibility and saving an enormous amount of time compared to manual methods or the expense and time delays of using a data vendor,” said Robert White, WhiteStar President and CEO. “The service reduces errors and provides an easy way for oil and gas companies to keep their well locations up-to-date. Often companies change a well’s legal location just before the well is actually drilled and SpotOn provides the means for keeping the company’s mapping systems up-to-date as well as to improve or check the accuracy of existing well location data.”