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WhiteStar Corp. announces availability of T&R 100 Plus

US-based WhiteStar Corporation announced the availability of T&R 100 Plus, a 1:100,000 scale database of Public Land Survey Data for those 29 States in the US using the Public Land Survey System plus abstract numbers and abstract polygons for the state of Texas.

The data were derived from a variety of sources, compiled, and edge matched to seamlessly provide a cost effective solution for mapping section, township and range data at the 1:100,000 scale. This scale provides an accuracy of approximately +/- 167 feet.

Missing data from public sources were digitized to fill in gaps and to provide a complete solution, never before available on the market. In addition, the data were edge matched to fit each state seamlessly to the adjacent states, including the abstract system in Texas. T&R 100 Plus data are available for $750 per state, $5000 for the state of Texas, or at a discounted savings of $10,000 for the entire US. WhiteStar is offering an introductory price of $9,500 for orders places through August, 2004.

WhiteStar provides the enhanced version of the data in a wide variety of formats including ESRI’s ArcMap MapInfo’s MapInfo Professional GeoPlus Corporation’s Petra, AutoDesk’s AutoCAD Bentley MicroStation DGN format, and many other popular GIS and CAD software packages.

The T&R 100 Plus data are useful for regional land parcel mapping, satellite imagery geo-referencing and indexing. The Public Land Survey System is the basis for all land mapping in the public land survey states within the USA. WhiteStar also offers nationwide Public Land Survey data at the 1:24,000 scale for those users requiring increased accuracy. Data attributes include meridian code, township, township direction, range, range direction and section number for Public Land Survey states, and County Codes and Abstract numbers in Texas.