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White House plans to issue executive order on drone privacy

US: Reports suggests that the Obama administration is contemplating to issue an executive order to formulate privacy guidelines for commercial drones operating in US airspace.

One of the most contentious subjects, privacy violations and commercial usage of drones, might take a new shape as the executive order would put the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an arm of the Commerce Department, in charge of developing the guidelines. NTIA would bring together companies and consumer groups to hammer out a series of voluntary best practices for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Currently, the Federal Aviation Authority is working on developing a set of concrete regulations for the commercial usage of drones. However, over the last couple of months the efforts have only resulted in getting the situation murkier and drawn heavy criticism for its decision.

While there is no clarity yet when the executive order might be proposed or announced, the FAA has been constantly urged by the US government to issue a rule on small commercial drone use by the end of the year.

The Congress has set a September 2015 deadline for the agency to safely integrate drones into the nation’s airspace. However, a couple of weeks ago a report suggested that FAA might miss this deadline.

Source: Politico