WHERE awarded patent for geofencing technology

WHERE awarded patent for geofencing technology


Boston, US: WHERE, Inc., North America’s leading location media company, has been awarded Patent No. 7,848,765 by the US Patent Office. With the patent technology, the company has developed a user interface. It enables users to define a geofence at a selected distance about a selected location. The geofence is graphically indicated by an outline on a map displayed in the user interface.

This patent gives WHERE wide legal protection in the burgeoning space of location based services. The technology will improve the relevancy of WHERE’s Recommendation Engine, ensuring that consumers receive content and coupons that are meaningful and are delivered where and when they want them.

“Mobile commerce is driven by proximity. Geofencing is the most effective method of location targeting and is paramount in creating relevancy in location-based advertising. Consequently, the award of this patent combined with our core technology, places WHERE in an industry leading position and furthers the distance between our competitors and us,” said Walt Doyle, CEO of WHERE, Inc.

“This is very significant patent and win for Where,” said Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst, Opus Research. “Geofencing and location-based advertising are among the most strategic opportunities in what will become a huge mobile market.”

Doyle continued stating, “We filed for this patent over 5 years ago – it is an important win for us as it protects core elements of our business, by improving the local discovery experience for consumers and targeting capabilities for advertisers on our WHERE Ads network. This award moves us closer to our goal of owning the “pre check-in” space as we leverage this technology to help users discover their next favorite place.”

Source: www.businesswire.com