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Western Australia to get groundwater boost

Australia: The Department of Water, Australia is using remote sensing technology in Pilbara to find out how big the aquifers are, where the good quality water occurs. In addition, it is developing accurate computer models of groundwater resources and finding out how ecosystems use the groundwater, ABC reported.

According to the department’s Hamid Mohsenzadeh, the department is using three years of research to allocate more groundwater to meet the Pilbara’s growing requirements. Mohsenzadeh claimed that the research helps gauge water availability, as well as give a preliminary assessment of the potential for the West Canning Basin. He added increased water allocation in the Pilbara and setting an allocation limit for the basin, are two decisions made as a result of the work.

The studies have formed the basis for the Pilbara groundwater allocation plan which will be developed in consultation with industry and community and released for public comment next year.

Source: ABC