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Western Australia launches online mapping service SLIP

Western Australia, October 8, 2014: Lands Minister Donald Terrence (Terry) Redman has launched a sophisticated online mapping service Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP), which harnesses the power of Google maps engine technology. The initiative which is part of the State Government’s $23 million Location Information Strategy, is being led by Landgate and will improve the way location information is collected, used and managed.

Redman said SLIP service would help government, business and industry to make better informed decisions regarding infrastructure planning, investment and the delivery of services. “SLIP is an extensive collection of location-based data and maps maintained by Western Australian public agencies and their partners across the private and research sectors using some of the most innovative technology available in the world today,” he said.

“Based on the Google Maps Engine, SLIP enables the public or a registered customer to access this information easily and securely through Google Maps and Earth, or the data can be downloaded and used in other services such as Geographical Information Systems via desktop and mobile applications.

The use of SLIP is now being expanded across the public and business sectors and provides a common operating picture, which can be shared across a whole organisation, significantly reducing the costs to business of having to capture the same information from various sources,” he said

The launch of SLIP follows the release of its first product, Locate, in October 2013, which uses Google Earth technology. Since its release, Locate has been accessed more than three million times and provides the general public with location information about the State not previously available from a single online mapping platform.

“The more sophisticated location information data we have at our fingertips, the more we can plan, manage risks and effectively allocate resources to ensure we attract investment and improve the services government delivers to the people of Western Australia,” the Minister said.

Source: Government of Western Australia