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West Fargo in US develops its mapping system

Residents of the city of West Fargo in US may soon be able to track everything from tax records to mosquito swarms. The city is contracting with Cass County to expand a GIS that connects maps and data. Among other uses, the system allows people to search for property value and property tax information on government Web sites. Citizens can find maps and parcel information without calling or going to the courthouse. Cass County‚Äôs mosquito control program has used GIS to track hot spots where mosquitoes breed. While West Fargo’s public works department maintains a GIS system, its system has a narrower scope. But in the coming months, West Fargo city workers and residents will be able to access an increasing amount of information about their city through GIS. The planning and zoning department, for example, could use GIS programs to track conditional use permits. The public works department could track the location of sewer and water ties to find them easily in the winter. Assessors and auditors could access tax information, property ownership and building permits. Residents eventually will be able to find things like snow emergency routes and aerial photography. The city will pay Cass County $20,311 in 2006 to help cover the salary of a new public works technician. The city will provide the county with the information, and the county will update the GIS map.