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West Bengal to launch online maps of highways

India: The West Bengal Highway Development Corporation (WBHDC) has announced that it will soon come up with digital map of all the state highways. The authorities also told media that the map will be made available on the website after Durga Puja this year. The authorities are also working on developing a mobile application of the system so that people can get the information using their mobile phone applications.

The map will derive information from a geographic information system that will contain the starting and ending points of the highways along with its total length and other dimensions, the present condition of the highway stretches along with pointing out the exact locations where the condition is worst, the last date of maintenance work taken place on a particular stretch. The application will help highway users to assess the traffic situation of the roads, the number of highway stretches connecting in places along with its shortest routes available along with giving details of availability of public utility services on the highways such as the number of bridges, the number and exact locations of petrol pumps, banks, ATM counters, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and others on the highways.

Source: Times of India