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Welsh launches remote sensing project for agriculture

UK: Welsh Assembly Minister for Rural Affairs, Elin Jones, launched URSULA (UAS Remote Sensing for Use in Land Applications) project. It is two year research and development programme. It aims to explore potential for advanced remote sensing, using small unmanned aircraft, for use in land applications, primarily high input arable farming. The project is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government.

According to a report published by Türk İnternet, URSULA will develop market-focussed data products based on imagery captured by a range of sensors mounted in small unmanned aircraft with a launch anywhere, anytime capability. Combining the remote sensing platform with novel processing techniques, URSULA provides a disruptive technology which will open up new avenues for flexible, cost-effective, high resolution data provision. It is anticipated that this will accelerate the adoption of precision farming principles at a critical time for the industry.

The project and capability has emerged from a unique collaboration between two SMEs working in complementary areas of technology; Environment Systems, environmental experts in earth observation and geographic intelligence and Callen-Lenz Associates Ltd, aviation and remote sensing specialists. With agricultural experts also a key part of the team, activities will cover a full spectrum from air system design and operation through to bespoke remote sensing system and data interpretation for agriculture and land-based markets.

“There is a growing need for timely, cost-effective, and highly detailed data for precision farming, yield assessment and sustainable land management,” said Steve Keyworth Commercial Director for Environment Systems. “The promise of converging UAS and remote sensing technologies coupled with advances in post acquisition data processing and analysis opens a pandora’s box of opportunities, which extend well beyond the project’s initial remit.”

“We believe that our integrated approach to remote sensing is a disruptive technology, which will lead to new possibilities and new approaches in precision farming and beyond,” said Jonathan Webber, a Director of Callen-Lenz. “For the project to achieve its full potential, we feel that collaboration and engagement across the breadth of the industry is essential, from farmers to service providers, from seed producers to equipment and software.”

The project is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government

Source: Türk İnternet