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Welsh government goes for health estates GIS using Cadcorp SIS

Welsh Health Estates (WHE), a government support body for the National Assembly for Wales (NAW) has selected Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System for a project aimed at exploiting the benefits that GIS can bring to the analysis of health service facilities.

WHE provides support to the Welsh Government in all health estates issues and assists National Health Service (NHS) Trusts in developing and maintaining their facilities. The data and information supplied to these bodies is central to the strategic health planning process at all levels.

Both the government and WHE have recognised that the effectiveness of this role can be greatly strengthened through the use of GIS. By displaying estate information on a map, strategic health planners will be provided with powerful visual information which is easy to interpret and manipulate according to different estate attributes in order to provide particular analyses of interest.

So far, data and information collected and disseminated by WHE, relates solely to NHS properties. Recent broader ranging health policies, however, require a better understanding of the wider health estate. This includes facilities and resources that are not completely part of the NHS, but which may have an impact on the delivery of health services. Examples of such facilities are Private Hospitals, GP Practices, Pharmacies, Dentists, Local Authority Nursing Homes, Private Residential Care Homes and others.