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Webtech wireless fleet Telematics services system selected by STS LLC

WebTech Wireless (TSX-V: WEW), a global provider of wireless fleet management services, has been selected by STS LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dycom Industries, Inc to deploy wireless fleet management services and enhance customer service with real-time reporting. STS, one of North America’s oldest and innovative providers of underground utility location services has chosen the Quadrant System from WebTech Wireless as the Telematics solution in their overall mobile technology platform for their fleet based workforce. Locating underground utilities is critical to ensuring that facilities are not damaged or disrupted during ground excavations. STS operates large fleet throughout the US. The Quadrant System from WebTech and AT&T Wireless has brought us real-time fleet management including field data. As a result of deploying Quadrant, STS has experienced fuel reductions resulting from an enhanced traffic monitoring process and reduced vehicle idle times. Quadrant precisely reports when vehicles are turned on and off and their location. Analyze the combination of this vehicle activity data with location and any national field service organization can be saving at least 15 to 30 minutes a day of idle time per vehicle, which can amount to saving thousands on fleet operations from fuel economy alone, commented Mark Hall, President & COO of DTG, systems integration partner to WebTech Wireless. Organizations with fleets are really proving to be the hotspot for the uptake of new 2.5G wireless devices and solutions, which substantiates the billions, spent on the infrastructure by carriers worldwide. It provides access to real-time fleet activity data that feeds the business process analysis required to save thousands in operating costs. This real-time access to mobile workflow data is really the core value of new wireless networks like GSM/GPRS.