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Website utilizes GoogleMaps to bring wine lovers closer to the object of their passion

San Francisco, USA, 19 October 2006 – With the aim to bring wine lovers closer to the places where wines are made and grapes are grown, AppellationAmerica.com announced today that satellite maps of 3,400 wineries across North America are now available at its website.

The new feature from Appellation America is a step towards becoming the first stop on the Internet for wine enthusiasts and members of the wine industry. By utilizing the GoogleMaps technology and after a year of programming, Appellation America placed satellite imagery on each of its 3,400 winery pages ) at its website. Visitors to AppellationAmerica.com can now: Zoom in on the mountaintop plantings at Ridge Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains; View from above the post-modern Napa Valley winery Clos Pegase; Peer down upon the winery at Ponzi Vineyards in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley; and Explore the Long Island vines surrounding New York’s Pellegrini Vineyards and much more.

“The technology available today allows innovative publishers to give wine lovers an entirely new view of their passion,” said Appellation America Publisher Roger Dial. “What we are doing is utilizing every tool in the shed to help present the diversity of North America’s varied growing regions.”

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Appellation America is the premier online-wine portal focusing on the wines, wine regions and winemakers of North America.