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Webraska to launch i-mode™ LBS in Europe

Webraska, a provider of LBS and Telematics applications and enabling platforms, has been selected by E-Plus, a wholly owned subsidiary of the KPN Group of companies, to develop and host the first Location-Based Services for i-mode™.

The range of services to be offered will include the ten most popular SmartZone Applications for consumers. These services will enable subscribers to search for the most popular points-of-interest such as restaurants, cinemas, ATMs, hotels and petrol stations.

All applications have been developed using the Webraska SmartZone LBS Platform, providing:

  • Subscriber authentication, provisioning and profiling
  • Dynamic menu structures based on subscriber preferences, profiling and history
  • Direct interface between Finder Applications.
  • Rapid application customization and deployment by Webraska’s Professional Services Team.
  • Core Geospatial functionality such as address matching, routing, mapping and spatial searching.

The SmartZone Application Platform also enables wireless carriers to offer their subscribers:

  • Continuity of user-experience and access to shared profiling and history across multiple user interfaces, including web, wap, sms, PDA and i-mode.
  • Web-based definition of profile and preferences by subscribers including favourite locations.
  • Route calculation from current position to selected destination.
  • Sharing of search results with friends and colleagues via SMS or mail using Webraska m-Notes.

Webraska will be hosting the i-mode Finder Application on behalf of E-Plus. This will enable E-Plus to reduce operating costs and increase speed of deployment for future upgrades, while retaining stringent standards for quality of service.