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Webraska launches new SmartZone™ Application Platform 4.0

Webraska, a provider of location-based services (LBS) and telematics applications and enabling platforms, has announces the launch of the SmartZone™ Application Platform 4.0.

“A major focus for Webraska is to find ways to increase application ease-of-use, drive down development lead-times, and enable applications to share data and interact with each other. Subscribers benefit by being able to access the same services, history, profile and preferences across multiple applications and interfaces, while carriers benefit from greater revenues and reduced development cost” said JF Sullivan, VP Telecom Marketing at Webraska.

The SmartZone™ Application Platform supports standards-based interfaces that help application developers create a continuous user experience for the end-user. The platform provides powerful foundation technologies that enable development of viral person-to-person and community applications, while still maintaining privacy of subscriber information. These technologies accelerate and simplify the construction of location-based services.

Typical deployments of location-based services built on the SmartZone Application Platform enable subscribers to search for nearby services such as restaurants, bars and gas stations; share search results with their “buddies” and then find the optimum route by car, foot or public transport to their destination.

This launch makes the following services of the SmartZone™ Application Platform available to local and remote applications via SOAP and Java APIs.

  • Application Integration Services that allow applications to work together and share subscriber context information
  • Subscriber Profile Services which enable creation, management and sharing of subscriber preferences, history and “favorites” (such as routes, maps and places).
  • Access Control Services providing protection of personal subscriber information
  • Publishing Services for the creation, storage, retrieval and sharing of information and search results by different applications and subscribers.

The SmartZone™ Application Platform 4.0 supports MMS and WAP 2.0, in addition to the interfaces supported by previous versions (Web, WAP 1.0, SMS, i-mode and HTML browsers on PDAs).

“Webraska SmartZone™ LBS Applications and Platforms are already generating revenues for 15 wireless carriers with a combined subscriber base of over 100 million people.” commented Jean-Michel Durocher, CEO and Founder of Webraska. “This launch enables wireless carriers to generate even greater returns on their LBS investment by exploiting synergies between Webraska technology and 3rd party content and application providers”.