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Webraska launches LBS middleware and applications in Brazil

July 17, 2002 Webraska, a provider of location-based services (LBS), telematics applications and enabling platforms, has launched its full range of products with comprehensive map data coverage of Brazil. These products include the SmartZone Geospatial and Application Platforms, SmartZone LBS Applications and Webraska’s wireless navigation applications for PDAs and in-car devices.

In order to address the lack of high-quality digital map-data, Webraska Brazil has launched a nation-wide initiative to develop and maintain comprehensive navigation-enabled map data. Since December 2000, a team of field data collectors has been gathering detailed street-level information for all towns and cities with over 200,000 inhabitants, covering over 90% of the population with Internet access and 100% of the wireless Internet market.

In order to stimulate the creation of LBS applications, Webraska Brazil is also providing on-line access to a hosted SmartZone Geospatial Platform via an open Application Programming Interface (API). This will enable local software developers to create their own consumer and corporate mobility applications, as well as to add new LBS functionalities to their existing solutions.