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Webraska Do Brazil’s ‘Apontador’ website generates over six million maps and directions a month

Webraska, a provider of integrated wireless location based services (LBS), telematics applications, navigation and mobile enterprise solutions, announced the success of the “Apontador” mapping and directions website, launched by its joint-venture partner in Brazil. Generating over six million maps and directions per month, the service is powered by the Webraska SmartZone Geospatial PlatformTM.
In the months following its launch, the website won the ‘Premio Info Exame 2002″ and the “Top 3 – IBEST2002” awards, the two most important internet awards in Brazil. Key to the website’s success has been its extensive map data. Webraska is the only geospatial middleware vendor to offer fully integrated countrywide coverage of primary and secondary road networks in Brazil. The further unique attribute of the SmartZone Geospatial PlatformTM is its ability to power turn-by-turn GPS enabled navigation solutions such as Apontador Duo, the Brazilian version of SmartZone Navigation Duo. Designed for use in the fleet management sector, this is a hybrid navigation application for Windows(R) platforms providing on-board and/or off-board navigation.
In 2001, Mobiminds Internet Ltd. entered a joint venture agreement with Webraska Mobile Technologies S/A. to become Webraska Do Brazil. Mobiminds was founded in 2000, with its head office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.Webraska Do Brazil is the leader of Brazilian location-based services, providing technology to local telecom operators, internet portals and yellow-pages. From December 2000, Webraska Do Brazil has invested in a pioneering project to develop and maintain the coverage of navigable map data across the country. This Field Data Collection project involved around 1.500 people in 2001, and covers all major cities in Brazil.