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Webraska awarded European patent for Internet-based Distributed Navigation

Webraska, the provider of LBS & Telematics applications and enabling platforms, has been notified by the European Patent Office of the approval and registration of its IbDN(Internet-based Distributed Navigation), patent for distributed navigation in 18 European countries. This innovative high-performance technology enables the conversion of all mobile or dashboard integrated terminals into “personal co-pilots” providing real-time turn-by-turn navigation, independent of the standard and technology used for device localization. IbDN enables the delivery of such services via thin clients such as mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), as the cartographic data, real-time traffic information and point-of-interest databases are all hosted on remote servers accessible over the mobile Internet. In contrast to traditional navigation systems, which use costly on-board computers equipped with CD-ROM drives, Webraska’s innovation is based on powerful server-based software capable of calculating routes, proximity searches, maps and traffic information in milliseconds. The information is compressed and transmitted via IP across the mobile telephone network to the subscriber’s handset.