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Webinar to address data conversion challenges

Maine, US: Blue Marble Geographics will provide a free web demonstration of the Blue Marble Desktop on 31 March at 9:00 a.m. EDT. This 60-minute webinar will outline time saving techniques to correctly define and transform custom local coordinate systems. For all of grid to globe GIS data conversion challenges, users can learn how the Blue Marble Desktop efficiently references both vector and raster datasets within one easy to use interface.  They can sign up at https://www.bluemarblegeo.com/products/webinar.php to know more about it.

This Webinar will demonstrate the geographic calculator best-fit functionality, which allows users to relate their local coordinate systems to any standard geodetic or projected coordinate systems.  With a set of control points, users can create a local fitted system. This fitted system is then permanently added to users’ custom datasource and can be used for conversions between users’ local system and WGS84 or any other of the hundreds of coordinate systems that are part of Blue Marble’s extensive datasource.

Users can choose the mathematical model for their best-fit analysis, from affine up to fifth order polynomial. With dockable windows, enhanced workflow tools and the ability to export to other users, Blue Marble will save users’ time and money on every project. The Geographic Calculator allows users to work with raw survey data to conduct a best-fit transformation to take grid data to geodetic easily and correctly, also making use of the georeference tool.

Source: Blue Marble