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WebGIS platform to support refugee monitoring in Darfur

Sudan, 05 June 2007: INTERSOS, an independent non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts has developed an Open-Source WebGIS platform to support refugee monitoring in West Darfur (Sudan). The WebGIS application was developed with technical support from research center ITC-irst and its MPA Solutions.

The information system developed by INTERSOS will monitor the humanitarian situation and provide timely data regarding displacements of refugees , internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the involved camps and villages. WebGIS contain sectoral information in a unified geodatabase and can be consulted on-line. The goal of presenting the data online is to strengthen the capacity to share information with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) as well as with other UN agencies and NGOs integrating all the agencies in a wide-spread collaborative information sharing system.

The information available from WebGIS platform are as given below:

  • Digital maps with informative thematic layers (Thematic maps have information on settlements, population, health, education, water, accessibility, shelter, NFIs, food security, international presence, security).
  • Sectoral information regarding the villages (from VAFs).
  • Geographical summaries of village by village( Aggregated and disaggregated statistics with regard to the population before and after the crisis)
  • Statistics with regard to IDPs, returnees, refugees, people fled out/missing.