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WebGIS platform for ancient maps in Taiwan

Taiwan: National Museum of Taiwan History established a WebGIS platform to manage over 2,000 ancient maps with present base map. The system adopts SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server developed by SuperGeo, as the platform.

By using this system, scholars can get in-depth reference of geographic data while researching on Taiwan history, academic education and culture. Users also would be able to compare their differences of human geography from ancient times to nowadays via the WebGIS platform.  

This system can also add other kinds of GIS file formats, such as digital terrain model (DTM), remote sensing image and all kinds of vector data, to expand its system function. The developing of other relevant advanced functions, such as advanced query, 3D demonstration culture and travel guidance, is also emphasised in this system.

The system uses SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server developed by SuperGeo Technologies, as the platform for demonstrating geographic information. In addition, Microsoft SQL 2005 has been adopted as the database platform.

This system can provide the reference of map management for management personnel by integrating GIS technology with mass GIS data and the metadata. Furthermore, it is convenient for general users to view the difference between ancient and present maps and to apply the data to study and analyse historical research via the Internet browser.
This function shows users an integrated interface to query ancient maps along with the present administration maps and road maps. Users can compare and conduct the research from maps of all eras. Regarding the structure, the system contains map manipulation, map locating, ancient map query, transparent management and map printing, the commonly-used GIS functions for users to well utilise the maps.

Source: SuperGeo