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WebGIS-based soil database query system in Taiwan

Taiwan: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, intended to build an integrated soil database based on SuperWebGIS. The soil database should is expected to include spatial data, attribute data and metadata. Users will be able to query and access the data via Internet. The data will be interoperated and shared to create more valued applications.  

SuperWebGIS, the Internet map server software developed by SuperGeo, publishes electronic maps and spatial data with which users can query the maps and have advanced spatial data analysis. General users only need to apply web browsers to query and display soil data without downloading or installing any other system objects.

As to the database, Soil Database Query System applies Microsoft Access as the database platform and refers to the structure of SSURGO soil database to collect and archive data. The collected data include the digital soil maps, attribute data, etc., and these data are displayed in GIS.

Meanwhile, SuperGeo announced that University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) purchased SuperGIS Desktop, the professional geographic information system software. The company also informed that it has released SuperGIS Online in Taiwan. It is the spatial data service on-demand for professional GIS users, general map users and value-added application users. The service combines the commonly-used maps and GIS functions.

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