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WebGIS-based digital archive for Academia Historica, Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo developed ‘Historical Material Geographic Information System’ for Academia Historica, Taiwan. The system adopts SuperWebGIS as the map server platform to publish rich historical and geographic data on the Internet as important spatial references for historical and cultural research.

As the highest authority of history in Taiwan, Academia Historica collects, organises, stores, edits and studies the modern history in Taiwan. Academia Historica has collected rich historical materials that are important references for modern research in history, culture and academic education. Now, it will utilise WebGIS technology to integrate digital archive databases and publish the stored historical materials on the Web.

Online archive will enable users to access the modern history easily through browsers and query historical materials via the Internet in an interactive way. They will be able to choose the time order and employ GIS to overlay the historical materials and the materials can be displayed with temporal and spatial dimensions.

Source: SuperGeo