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Web GIS as SaaS from eSpatial

LAS VEGAS, USA: eSpatial, the Web GIS and geographic business intelligence company, has announced the full-function Web GIS as a software as a service (SaaS) at CTIA Wireless Conference.

According to the release, with eSpatial’s Web GIS as SaaS, telcos can integrate geographic and related business data from a variety of sources and present it in a controlled manner over the Web. Departments can migrate core aspects of planning and engineering and other key workflows to a single shared environment and therefore increase efficiency in network rollout processes for design, planning, optimisation and maintenance. As the solution is Web-based, this same environment can be used to improve facilities and assets management, marketing and sales and customer relationship management. They can use same Web based system to determine geographies for customer base growth and aid marketing departments on where to concentrate efforts and therefore use budgets more effectively.

Telcos have large complicated spatial applications generating huge quantities of stove-piped spatial data. With Web GIS as SaaS from eSpatial, Telcos can log in to an intuitive, easy to use application to organise and understand complex business processes, answer questions, solve problems and plan ahead by looking at data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared as digital maps.