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Web geo-portal for Brunei soon

Brunei: Web geo-portal, Brunei’s Survey Department’s Internet-based database, is anticipated to go online in 16 months, with a new Brunei street directory in digital form mulled as one of the possible features users can purchase from the department, according to Hj Mohd Jamil Hj Mohd All, Surveyor-General, Brunei. “The project was approved under the RKN (National Development Plan),” he said.

Hj Mohd Jamil agreed that having it online could have potential to supporting GPS services currently available in the Sultanate.

The web geo-portal is one of the department’s planned projects under the current national development plan and is envisioned to make maps and other survey reference tools that the department has produced and stored, accessible online.

The web geo-portal was also seen as a solution to deal with the Survey Department’s digital mountains of data, ranging from maps to aerial photographs of the Sultanate, compiled from all their current survey work.

Hj Mohd Jamil said, “One of the challenges is terabytes of data. We have about 10 terabytes (10 trillion units of digital space) of information and this need to be managed.” The construction of a web geo-portal was seen as a solution to meet this need.

The previous street directory mapped out Brunei’s roads in all four districts. Available in local retail outlets in a 144-page book, it was launched at the ministry in August 2008. “But with this one now, we want to include aerial photographs so that it really gives you a true picture of the place,” the surveyor-general said.

Source: www.brudirect.com