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Web-based mapping application for SMEs in Malaysia

Malaysia: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) launched a web-based mapping application, SmartMap, for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It combines TM’s digital maps with business data which allows customers to perform geospatial analysis to support business decision-making. 
According to the company’s press statement, SmartMap, the first of its kind in Malaysia, enables interactive analysis including area ring search and zoning, plotting internal data and sharing visual data. With rich information, interactivity and accuracy of imagery from SmartMap, users can search, analyse and share important data easily, anywhere and anytime.
To make available SmartMap in SME market, TM collaborated with Malaysia Franchise Association (MFA), TM Info-Media (TMIM) and iProperty Sdn Bhd (iProperty). Through the collaboration with MFA, TM offers MFA members not only SmartMap application, but also fixed line, business broadband and [email protected] services. MFA will be TM’s strategic partner in promoting SmartMap and [email protected] to all its registered members. Meanwhile, TMIM and iProperty are the content providers for the SmartMap application. 
The collaboration between TM and TMIM includes data exchanges between the two companies in which TMIM will provide the business listing and directory services of Yellow Pages to TM. TM will provide data on point of interest (POI) and GPS location to TMIM. 
iProperty, an online service for real estate industry in Malaysia, will provide its property listing to TM on a monthly basis while TM will provide marketing coverage and thematic property valuation map. TM will then geocode the property data into TM’s digital map and convert it into derivative data for SmartMap. 
Azizi A. Hadi, Executive Vice President of SME, TM, said, “It is a stepping stone for SMEs in ICT to improve their business and be at competitive advantage. SmartMap is a web-based solution that combines TM’s digital map with business data that provides businesses with valuable geographical and demographical information to help them make more informed business decisions. It provides access to demographic distribution, property valuation and business information which are vital in determining the best location to set up their business, expansions or even potential target market.”
The add-on features of SmartMap also allow businesses to combine their own outlet information, customer profile and internal company data for in-depth analysis and concise evaluation for decision making. By using SmartMap, businesses can not only analyse but also share key planning information effectively amongst their employees and business partners in cooperative and collaborative manner. 
TM digital map in SmartMap is updated on monthly basis and the data is sourced from the Department of Statistics, Malaysia and iProperty. “TM is providing another avenue for SMEs to further enhance their business via ICT through this geographical market analysis tool. This partnership will also add value to TM’s partnership with SMEs, in line with the company’s aspiration to become the preferred communications partner for SMEs. At TM, we stay committed true to our promise to the SME market, “Business Made Easy with TM”,” Azizi added. 
Source: Telekom Malaysia