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Web Based GIS Enabled Environment Database of Gujarat

Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) has undertaken a State Environmental Action Program (SEAP) with the financial assistance of the World Bank under a project Environment Management Capacity Building – Technical Assistance Project (EMCB-TAP) subcomponent Gujarat. This project is the first of its kind in the country and hopes to provide a model for other states. This project focuses on eight areas. They are Industrial Pollution, Urbanization, Degradation of Land, Hydrological regime, Biodiversity, Coastal and Marine Environment, Wetlands and Energy. Eight Technical Working Groups (TWGs) were formed. Over the past three years, various agencies and consultants in these eight sectors have carried out detailed studies. These reports have a huge database of environment related information. They identify environmental problems and their causal factors. The reports also contain recommendations on various strategies for prevention and solutions to problems in the eight study areas.

The enormous information thus available is encapsulated by GEC in a Geographical Information System (GIS) and hosted on an Internet web site https://www.gec.gov.in/ so as to make it available to the planners, legislators, decision makers, researchers, scientists, NGOs and others concerned for informed decision making. The environment database includes about 2000 tables and 300 maps relating to information on Gujarat.

This project was awarded to ESRI(I). The project was completed along with GEC in-house team by putting in about 75 man months of effort.

For more information contact:
Mandar Mehta
Advisor-GIS, Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC)
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