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Weather advice for tea plantations

Silchar, India

The tea industry in the Indian State of Assam is enlisting help of the Indian Space Research Organisation, which will advise planters on possible weather fluctuations with the help of remote sensing instruments. Tea planters have often been caught off-guard by sudden showers or an erratic dry spell.

Hemant Bangur, senior vice-president, Tea Association of India, said, “The tea industry in the country in general and Assam in particular is now caught in a twilight zone where the growing demand for tea is in mismatch with its supply. This is because there is a paucity of land in the tea estates at present to ensure growth in the output.”

“There should be a concerted effort on the part of the tea industry captains in Assam, which accounts for nearly half of the country’s total output of this beverage, to turn more scientific while improving the quality of their product,” he said.

Source: Telegraph