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Waze partners with SatNav in India

India: Waze – known for its social mobile application, announced a partnership with SatNav Technologies, which will accelerate the Waze service and community in India. According to Waze, India is currently the 2nd largest Mobile Market in the world after China, adding nearly 10-12 million subscribers on average monthly. According to AdMob India is also at second position after the US in mobile internet traffic.

Waze has mentioned on its blog that SatNav is the perfect partner in India; they have massive distribution and high quality map coverage. Waze users in India can now download the application, for free of course and have access to all SatNav maps along with the Waze’s community tools, real-time traffic and social features.

Waze has already imported the SatNav maps of India and merged them with the Waze Community map so was users will already see a significant improvement in the service. The community can continue update and correct the live map with the Waze editing tools.
The free navigation with live traffic updates application gives up to the minute updates on traffic and provide information on accidents, police patrols and weather hazards. “Maps and traffic updates are automatically collected and generated as users drive with SatGuide-Waze,” said Amit Kishore Prasad, founder, managing director and chief executive of SatNav.

Prasad added, “We have decided to go from just the car map solution provider to the personal tracking solutions provider with personal navigation devices (PND). This partnership will support in giving value-added services to our Indian customers.”

Source: Waze