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WaterGEMS: Haestad Method launches the first true geospatial water distribution modeling and management software

Haestad Methods announced the release of WaterGEMS, the world’s first true Geospatial Water Modeling and Management System for the enterprise. WaterGEMS is a powerful GIS-based solution available for efficiently modeling, managing, and protecting our most valuable resource—water.

Haestad Methods’ product philosophy is to make intellectual investments in strong technologies and to consistently adapt to customer’s changing needs. WaterGEMS was developed using cutting-edge ArcObjects technology from GIS market leader ESRI and state-of-the-art computing tools from Microsoft’s .NET initiative.

The development of the GEMS (Geographic Engineering Modeling System) framework is a technological leap for Haestad Methods and forms the backbone of its future product lines. WaterGEMS’ suite of modeling tools includes:
· Skelebrator for reducing complex GIS assets and CAD data sets into accurate modeling representations while automatically preserving pipe network integrity and hydraulic capacity
· Reflective Data Model for extending the data coverage in real-time by adding custom fields, attributes, and objects (GEMSLinks)
· LoadBuilder for defining, assigning, forecasting, and managing customer demand information as defined by meter records, landuse, parcels, and zoning plans
· TRex terrain extraction utility for automatic mining of elevation data from DEM (digital elevation model) and DTM (digital terrain model) datasets
· WaterSafe technology for simulating potential terrorist attacks and disruptions to the water system, predicting contaminant propagation and concentration, preparing for emergencies, identifying impacted populations, and supporting real-time decision-making
· ModelForge for linking any type of enterprise and GIS data to the GEMS environment and constructing a living model from existing data assets
· WaterObjects for adding custom functionality and developing components and full applications using standard programming languages and scripts
· GeoGrapher for advanced visualization, graphic presentation, and publishing of any data store
· SCADA Connections for automatically incorporating field data into the calibration process and updating the model on the fly with live boundary conditions
· Darwin Optimization tools based on multi-parameter genetic algorithms and MAGIC technology that streamline and automate calibration, system design, and pump operations
· Scenario Control Center for organizing, comparing, and managing historical, current, proposed, and real-time modeling scenarios
· Variable-Speed Pump Modeling with APEX Technology that automatically calculates pump speeds during EPS runs, enables full logical controls, and targets nodes anywhere in the system
· Advanced Hydraulic and Water Quality Capabilities such as automated fireflow analysis; constituent, age, and trace analysis; leakage and sprinkler modeling; energy and capital cost evaluation; and more.

Using ArcObjects, the new ArcGIS 8 technology foundation from ESRI, Haestad Methods’ WaterGEMS capitalizes on the intelligence of the new geodatabase format instead of relying solely on shapefile technology and data exchange methods like other available water models. While WaterGEMS still accommodates shapefiles and ArcInfo coverages, it provides users with the tools to migrate to the modern geodatabase format on their own schedule. Plus users get all of the functionality that comes with ArcGIS 8 including advanced symbology options that turn hydraulic models into powerful visual presentation tools.

WaterGEMS builds on the ease of use of Haestad Methods’ flagship product WaterCAD, the world’s most widely used and recognized water distribution model. WaterGEMS incorporates all the modeling functionality from WaterCAD, and adds advanced geospatial capabilities for taking full advantage of existing GIS data and quickly maximizing the return on investment. Dozens of new features have been added to answer the demands of Haestad Methods’ existing worldwide customer base, which is quickly becoming reliant on GIS technology to perform its day-to-day jobs.